European Blochchain Federation /EBF/ was established on 21.02.2018 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria under the Non-profit organizations act and is registered in the Bulgarian commercial register and register of non-profit organizations on 24.03.2018 under unique identification code 205053037.


The registered address of the European Blochchain Federation /EBF/ is:  

Republic of Bulgaria, Plovdiv 4000, #1, Gladstone Str. (DNT), floor 1, office 2.


The Federation may open representative offices in the member states of the European Union and/or the Council of Europe, to join foreign and international organizations, as well as to open branches.


Means of achieving the federation purposes:

  • Initial contributions, membership fees, individual and collective fees, determined by the General Assembly of the Federation;
  • Donations and sponsorships;
  • Resources provided by international organizations and programs;
  • Implementation of projects in the field of blockchain technologies;
  • Other income from additional business activities.

Additional business activities of the Federation:

  • Consultancy services, carrying out or implementation of projects and programs, organizing  and providing trainings, round tables, seminars, conferences and other events;
  • Development of analyzes and reports on the state of the blockchain technology in Europe;
  • Publishing and distribution of periodicals and non-periodicals and online media;