The European Blochchain Federation /EBF/ is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit organization whose main purposes are:

  • Research, development and popularization of blockchain technology in Europe; 
  • Promotion of the overall acceptance of blockchain technology so that public authorities, citizens and businesses could realize their full potential and advantages;
  • Implementation of blockchain technology in enterprises and manufacturing to achieve higher security, competitiveness and economic sustainability in Europe;
  • Assistance to European business leaders, teachers, politicians and citizens to learn how blockchain technology could be applied in life and practice; 
  • Promotion of European projects in the field of blockchain technology; 
  • Promotion and support of initiatives for development of the blockchain community in Europe for improvement of user security and competitiveness in the economy;  
  • To stimulate, promote and protect the interests of its members through effective advocacy, communication, education and training, benchmarking and best practices, networking and sector information; 
  • To be the most authoritative and effective voice of blockchain technology in Europe; 
  • Improvement of the business environment and the structure of economic relations for acceleration of the economic growth and improvement of prosperity in Europe;  
  • Exchange of information and collaboration with leading organizations of blockchain technology in the world.

European Blochchain Federation /EBF/ was established on 21.02.2018 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria under the Non-profit organizations act and is registered in the Bulgarian commercial register and register of non-profit organizations on 24.03.2018 under unique identification code 205053037.

The registered address of the European Blochchain Federation /EBF/ is:  

Republic of Bulgaria, Plovdiv 4000, #1, Gladstone Str. (DNT), floor 1, office 2.

The Federation may open representative offices in the member states of the European Union and/or the Council of Europe, to join foreign and international organizations, as well as to open branches.

Means of achieving the federation purposes:

  • Initial contributions, membership fees, individual and collective fees, determined by the General Assembly of the Federation;
  • Donations and sponsorships;
  • Resources provided by international organizations and programs;
  • Implementation of projects in the field of blockchain technologies;
  • Other income from additional business activities.

Additional business activities of the Federation:

  • Consultancy services, carrying out or implementation of projects and programs, organizing  and providing trainings, round tables, seminars, conferences and other events;
  • Development of analyzes and reports on the state of the blockchain technology in Europe;
  • Publishing and distribution of periodicals and non-periodicals and online media;

The founders of EBF are eighteen individuals from Bulgaria, Croatia and Malta who have focused their efforts for the research and promotion of blockchain technology in Europe.

Membership in the European Blockchain Federation is open to all - corporate or non-profit legal entities, higher education institutions and vocational schools, research organizations, municipal and state structures and physical persons. Members of the federation must accept its purposes and support the activities included in its scope of activities. 

Membership of the European Blockchain Federation is voluntary. The admission of new members shall be made by decision of the General Assembly upon proposal of the Management Board, on the basis of the written application submitted by the applicant. The application should be sent to the registered address of the EBF or by e-mail.

All members of the European Blockchain Federation have equal rights and obligations. Each member of the Federation is entitled to one vote. Voting rights are exercised personally or by an authorized representative. The legal persons - members of the Federation, participate in the voting through their legal representatives or through an authorized person.

The members of the Federation have the following rights:

  • actively participate in the activities of the Federation;
  • to elect and be elected in its governing bodies;
  • on request to receive information on the activities of the Federation and the state of its accounting;
  • to benefit from the property of the Federation and from the results of its activities - the created social capital of the network, as well as from the possibilities of the collaboration. 

The bodies of the Federation are: 

  • General Assembly;
  • Management board;
  • Control Board;
  • Scientific Council.
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